Feta – Un-brined

I decided to start writing a cheese blog because of my success and failures.

I started making cheese last summer, right in the middle of the hot January (or was it February?) summer days.  My cheeses had variable quality due to the variable attention paid to details.

The last time I made a Feta with cow’s milk was back then.  It turned out to be a horror: I salted the cheese as if it wasn’t going to be brined to later decide that I would like to brine it.  All-in-all the cheese turned out inedible due to the excess of salt.

This time (aka last Saturday – 16/11/2013) I decided that I would make Feta again.  Once more, I used (pasteurized) cow’s milk, culture, sodium chloride and rennet (vegetarian) and salt.  I decided that I would not brine it this time.  Which left me with a minor issue: cow’s milk, no lipase and no brine sounds a lot like a regular fresh white cheese.

Let’s put that aside and continue on the road to the Feta making.  I’m not going to document the process, this time, of the Feta making but I will give out the possible reasons why it may fail (as it looks like it might be the case):

  1. whilst waiting for the curds to form (waiting for a clean break), I left the milk sitting almost 2 hours past what the original recipe suggested – don’t judge me, I had other things I needed to do and I wasn’t home to cut the curd
  2. I believe that in the incubator, where I left the milk to coagulate, the water temperature was higher than it should have been
  3. I didn’t check the water temperature in the cheese incubator.

Having said that, if the Feta doesn’t turn out to look/taste like a feta, I will surely, next time, mix cow and goat milk to make the cheese.

Un-Brined Feta
Un-Brined Feta – let’s wait and see

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