16/11 – Feta – Un-brined: Research

Last night, going through my cheese making references, I took a look at the recipe for the Feta.

I also opened up the online reference that the book made to the cultures and I noticed something peculiar:

  • the book says to use Aroma B starter culture.
  • the online reference (as well as other reliable online references) point out that Aroma B and Flora Danica (same bacteria) are not suitable for Feta.
  • the online references  point out that the correct culture for making Feta is MA011.

I am a little bit upset with the book as it is inconsistent.  To be “fair”, the book is about recipes that artisans use to make their cheese, regardless of the “adequacy” of the materials they use.

The recipe call for goat’s milk, which I did not use.  Every Feta recipe that I’ve read, states that Lipase is optional  when using goat’s milk.  I did not use goat milk nor did I use Lipase.

In summary: next Feta will contain at least 25% goat milk and will be made with the MA11 culture.

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