Mozzarella to Cottage

I had planned to make traditional Mozzarella next Saturday.  The problem is that mozzarella is a thermophilic culture cheese and requires high temperatures to stretch it out.  That’s not a problem in itself, on the contraire, that’s what I makes Mozzarella unique!!  The problem with requiring high temperatures is that I have recently suffered a small accident and have a lot of scrapes on my hands and elbows.  Putting high temperatures on the scrapes make it hurt more, so I will avoid the mozzarella for a couple of weeks!

In order for me not to waist the next weekend, I will make Crème Fraîche Cottage Cheese.  Cottage cheese was the first cheese I made, so it shouldn’t be an issue.  I will need to find a good Crème Fraîche to mix it in; the Crème Fraîche is what the store bought Cottage cheeses have in them to make them ‘wet’.

When making the cheese, I will post a picture of it without the Crème Fraîche and another one of the final result.

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