Experiment #6 – Mozzarella: Preparation

In most of my recipes, I use Pasteurized, Homogenized milk.  Some of the recipes I’ve made also ask for Lipase, a animal based enzyme in which I do not agree on how it is extracted.  Also, my partner is vegetarian and if I use Lipase in my cheeses, I would need to eat them on my own.

On the other hand, the cheeses I make would benefit from the Lipase.  The enzyme is present in raw milk, in smaller quantities, but nonetheless present.  For this reason I’ve decided to make my Mozzarella today using this milk.  Since it is a lot more expensive than regular off the shelf milk, I will not use all the milk in the cheese raw.  I will do 50% 50% of Raw and Un-homogenized (but Pasteurized) milk.  It will likely be the most expensive mozzarella I’ll ever eat.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this will go.

Raw Milk
Raw Milk

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