Experiment #7 – Fresh Minas Cheese: Tasting

There are serious issues with the Fresh Minas Cheese recipe.  When I started making the cheese (on December 21st) I did not read my notes from the prior Minas Cheese making.  It stated that after the suggested time trying to curd the cheese, it was not successful, only after an hour or two did it reach the required consistency.

The same, as you may recall from my post, happened the last time.  The key difference, which made a tasting difference, in the end was that I added more Calcium Chloride and Rennet the second time I made it.  Vegetarian Rennet is known to give cheese a slightly bitter taste, and that taste will become stronger with the days.  And that’s what happened.

In the same day I tried to eat the cheese, a few hours after I had put it in the refrigerator, and the conclusion was that the cheese tasted and smelled too much of milk/whey.  Not at all what I expected from the cheese.  On the 24th I went out of town for Christmas and by Boxing Day (26th) I was home again.  Tasted the cheese then:  exactly what I had hopped for this kind of cheese.

As the days passed, the cheese started to develop the bitter taste mentioned above.  The bitterness that appeared on the cheese started to make it less and less attractive, from a expected/desired perspective.  Next time I will adjust the recipe to have the right amount of curding time BEFORE I start making the cheese and run into the same problem.

Here is a picture of the cheese on the same day it was ready.

Experiment #7 – Fresh Minas Cheese
Experiment #7 – Fresh Minas Cheese

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