Experiment #8 – Cottage Cheese

General Information:

Date: 10/12/2017
Local Temperature:

Cheese: Cottage Cheese
Start to Finish: 4 hours 30 minutes


  • 4L Homogenized Pasteurized Cow’s Milk
  • 1/4 tsp. Flora Danica culture (says it expired in 2014)
  • 1 ml Vegetarian Rennet – 140 IMCU/ml
  • 2 ml Calcium Chloride – 30% (from Mad Millie). Says it expired in 2016.
  • 1 tsp. Non-iodized salt
  • 120g of 0.5% fat plain Greek yoghurt (store bought)

Steps Executed:

  1. 10:55 am: Cleaned and sterilized muslin, milk thermometer, cheese vat, spoon, spatula, pipette, measuring spoons with Phosphoric Acid cleaning solution (500ml solution of 15ml of 10% Phosphoric Acid solution and 485ml of tap water – sprayed on items and let it rest for 5 minutes).
  2. 11:00 am: Filled the cheese vat with the 4 liters of cow’s milk.  Measured the temperature.  Slowly increased the temperature by putting it in Microwave of 1100w potency in medium temperature:
    1. T0 (11:00) – 8oC
    2. T1 (11:07) – 12oC
    3. T2 (11:16) – 22oC: Reached desired temperature (21o)
  3. 11:17 am: Added the the Flora Danica and waited 5 minutes. whilst stirring with up and down movements.  Continued stirring for 30 seconds.  Then added the Rennet solution to the milk whilst stirring with up and down movements.  Continued stirring for 30 seconds.  Put water in incubator at a temperature of 42oC.  Placed cheese vat in incubator covered and let it rest.
  4. 11:22 am: Stirred milk in up and down motion 20 times.
  5. 11:23 am: Added Vegetarian Rennet and stirred milk in up and down motion 20 times.
  6. 11:24 am: Added Calcium Chloride and stirred milk in up and down motion 20 times.
  7. 11:27 am: Prepared vat for warm keeping the milk: water temperature 40oC, milk temperature 22oC.
  8. 11:28 am: Put vat in the corner with milk bowl in to wait 3 hours before trying for a clean cut.
  9. 2:27 pm: Cut the curd with the cheese knife and had a clean cut. Cut the curds at 1.5 cm.
  10. 2:34 pm: In bain-marie started elevating the temperature of the cheese/whey. Initial temperature:
    1. T0 (2:34) – 28oC
    2. T1 (2:39) – 30oC
    3. T2 (2:42) – 30oC: temperature refusing to go beyond 33oC. Put in same microwave in medium temperature for a total of 5 minutes
    4. T3 (3:00) – 46oC: reached the desired temperature
  11. 3:00 pm: Carefully transferred curds to muslin.
  12. 3:05 pm: Poured cold water over muslin for cold shock to stop curds from maturing. Hung muslin on kitchen sink and let it drain.
  13. 3:23 pm: Slowly transferred curds into glass bowl.
  14. 3:25 pm: Added the salt and started folding it in. When folding, noticed there was still whey at the bottom of the bowl, so drained the whey.
  15. 3:28 pm: Folded in the yoghurt slowly.
  16. 3:35 pm: Sprinkled a little more salt on top and put in refrigerator.
  17. 4:00 pm: Removed from the refrigerator and tasted the cheese. The cheese was fantastic.


I later took the cheese to work and my workmates loved the cheese.

Experiment #8 – Cottage Cheese

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