Experiment #9 – Cream Cheese: Preparation

Ok, so I will make cream cheese today.

I’m slowly starting to make cheese again. Have to start from the easier ones and go to the more difficult ones… like mozzarella.

At least from the fresh cheeses, I believe that Mozzarella is the most difficult, mainly because of the lack of familiarity with thermophilic cultures. I have all the equipment: the pH strips, the culture etc etc, just need for it to not go wrong.

But today: Cream Cheese! I will take to Christmas at my partner’s family events (no for the future mother-in-law, one for the grandmother and one for the party).

As part of the process, I will also bring in another great hobby of mine: photography. I will take the opportunity to capture each of the phases through my camera(s) in hopes that I will become better and better at food porn/food documentation. My cottage cheese I documented and I didn’t like the visual result of it. Hopefully I will be more pleased with this one.

Finally, here is the build up for me making Mozzarella:

  1. Experiment #9 – Cream Cheese
  2. Experiment #10 – Chèvre
  3. Experiment #11 – Brazilian Fresh Cheese
  4. Experiment #12 – Feta
  5. Experiment #13 – Halloumi
  6. Experiment #14 – Mozzarella

Now, there is a possibility that one or more might go wrong, or I’m not satisfied with the result. In such cases, I will likely repeat the experiment, making the proper adjustments.

I hope to get all of them done by end of March. I say it’s an aggressive timeline, considering I will be moving houses before that and changing jobs (fingers crossed) AND do other stuff too. Let’s hope everything works out great.

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