Not a Pickle

I know this is the first time I post under pickles and preserves, but it won’t be about pickles or preserves. It will be about tomato sauce (for pasta).

During the my quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to make pasta sauce so we could just cook some pasta when we felt like not overthinking a meal. It worked wonders.

As such, I’m planning to do the same as it makes life a lot easier during the week. So, my first project under the Pickles and Preserves will be a Napoli sauce. As I make very clear in my description of this area in the blog, it is about “things you can put in a jar”.

Here is a photo of the Napoli sauce I made during the quarantine (some dramatic effects on the photo).

The napoli sauce made during covid-19 quarantine. Taken from my photographic blog.

Since that lid is no longer viable for usage (it has rusted), I will wait for the new jars to arrive and/or find a new pickling lid to close off the sauce.

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