Scavenger hunt

Finding specific flours is never easy. Finding them during a supply-chain crisis because of COVID-19 pandemic makes it even more difficult!

As such, in my search for the required flours for Saturday’s Sweet Molasses Brown bread, I will have to do a scavenger hunt. Long story short, I’m trying to source the right flours to have for the bread. Since I will have to leave the house on Saturday morning on a personal errand, I might be able to stop by other places to source the flours that are not the supermarket.

One of the Coles close by may have the bread flour I need. I will try to go there tomorrow at lunchtime. If I don’t find it, I will likely choose a different bread to make on Saturday. If I do find it, I *can* bake the bread even without the white whole wheat flour. At this rate, even if I find just whole wheat flour, I’m game.

I have found a place that sells “Organic Wholewheat Bakers Flour”, which I almost certain it is what I’m looking for. The price on the kilogram of the product is quite dear: $7.50. I will buy 500g to try and see if it is worth it. I’m sure that the high price-tag is due to the “Organic” component of the product. If the place turns out to have it, I will post more information about it here.

And I know the shop, it is a place I would sometimes go during lunch break in my previous job. It is also close to the house we purchased (and are waiting for settlement to move in).

The shop is also right beside a Coles supermarket, so if I don’t find my bread flour in the shop close to my house tomorrow, I will try on Saturday on my detour home from my errand.

Fingers crossed and I’m excited!

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