At last!

So at lunch time, I sneaked into the Italian/Maltese shop and purchased the flour. As you can see, it was not the Cuoco, which is what I had planned on purchasing. They didn’t have it anymore at the store; or maybe yesterday I was just so overwhelmed by the options that I thought they had it all. But it turns out they didn’t (at least not today).

I purchased the Pizzeria flour, which, just looking at the numbers I posted yesterday (that were taken from their website), it stated that the Pizzeria flour was 12.5% protein while the Cuoco was 13% protein. Upon inspecting the flour bag, I noticed that it says it has 13g of protein every 100g of flour, which to me means 13% protein. They could be rounding up in the bag, but other measurements there have decimal values.

So there it is, the big bag of Pizzeria flour from Caputo for me to make bread and Neapolitan pizza. Is it called Neapolitan pizza so people don’t think it’s American style, pan pizza with high fat contents? Food for thought.

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