Doing the prep-work

After posting yesterday about the flour, I started doing the final review of what still needs to be done for Saturday’s bread.

  1. Make the appropriate adjustments/calculations to the recipe
  2. Source the remaining

Let’s do this in order:

1. Make the appropriate adjustments

The recipe I got had volumetric based measurements: cups, tsps, tbsps etc. That is not the proper way of measuring for baking. I remember back in the day (many moons ago) that most of the baking happens with the “baker’s proportions” (I think that’s what it’s called).

It’s all based on the total of the flour the recipe takes: the sum of the flours is always considered 100 % and everything after that is measured based on that (in mass, not in volume).

So, for a simple recipe, such as:

All-purpose flour700g
Dried yeast7g
Kosher salt7g
Luke warm water350g

Would look like this:

All-purpose flour700g100
Dried yeast7g1
Kosher salt7g1
Luke warm water350g50

This makes it easier to modify the quantities, if you need to make more or less of the recipe.

Considering that I’ve made adjustments to the recipe to make the baker’s proportion to work, if the bread is successful, I will likely post the recipe.

2. Source the remaining ingredients

Now, not having the bread flour was the biggest item on the list. I was able to settle that problem, I have enough flour to open a pizzeria! On a side note, I also got a Neapolitan pizza dough recipe (already with the baker’s proportion). Since I got it from a website, when/if I make the dough, I will post the link along with it.

Sorry, got side tracked. Anyway, one of the things that the recipe asks for is the white whole wheat flour, which I will try to buy tomorrow (but will make the bread even if I don’t find it). I am keen on going to the shop and getting 500g (more than I plan on needing for tomorrow).

The other thing that is required is honey. I won’t have to source that at any shop because my husband has a bee hive (at my father-in-law’s house). He has recently extracted his third harvest of the season; the late harvest. It is very thick/dark with an intense and complex flavor, not really what my husband likes, so he’s not really eating any of the honey. I will help him ‘get rid of’ this batch by using it in my bread. I think the late harvest honey will add a lot to the bread.

Note: the feature image is not mine and I hold no rights over it. It was copied from the site:

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