It has come

I am very excited about the fact that my pickling jars arrived yesterday, and not Tuesday (next week) as scheduled. With that, instead of doing my Neapoli (Neapolitan) sauce on 02/05, I will make it this Sunday (26/04).

I will have to see how many Passata jars we still have for me to make my sauce on Sunday. If we don’t have enough of the homemade stuff, I will have to go to store bought passata. It will be a simple sauce: garlic, onion, passata, salt, black pepper (just a small amount for flavor and not for spice). That’s right: no sugar on my sauce! I think it’s disgusting when the tomato sauce is sweet, it is the acidity that makes the sauce delicious. Again, this is my personal taste. My husband goes and puts sugar on his.

I will do the proper canning exercise for the one that we’ll store away: clean the bottle, put the sauce in the bottle and boil the bottle, making sure as much air comes out of it as possible. When the sauce cools down, we’ll have a bit of vacuum to stop any pathogens from growing in the sauce.

Here is the photo of the jars. I know: it’s one of those trendy pickling/preserving brands. But, to be honest, it is a good brand and I like the ease that it proportions for me to make it having everything already ‘paired up’.

I might make the Hamburger Pickles (non-sugary cucumber pickles to put on hamburgers and salads) the following weekend. Still assessing.

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