Surprise Sauce

I wasn’t expecting to make the sauce today. But Anzac day threw my plans down the drain of making the Sweet Molasses Brown bread.

So, to not waste a hobby day not doing something, I made my Napoli sauce today instead of tomorrow. And tomorrow morning I will buy the final essential ingredients to make the bread.

Enough about the bread, because this is about SURPRISE SAUCE! I got home after my (successful) errand and many failed attempts to buy the things I needed and decided that, since I had everything I needed for the sauce, that’s what I was going to make.

But of course, nothing could be perfect. I noticed that the jars I bought were too big to do the proper preservation procedure. So I made the sauce and just put it in the jar and will likely consume it in the next week. If I had been successful in the canning process, then the sauce could have lasted a whole year (tomatoes are very acid).

My next step is to buy 1 pint jars instead of just these 1 quart ones. They will definitely be small enough for my pans and my pressure cooker. I just hope I have enough space to store them while they are not in use. (We are likely to move in the next 6 weeks to the home we purchased, we’re just waiting for settlement as we purchased it off the plan).

I made a bit more sauce than I needed on purpose so I could use it for lunch. And so I did: I made a quick and dirty putanesca sauce and pasta. It turned out good.

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