Bao on the weekend

I don’t know if I want to call it Experiment #1 for pickling, because I want to have the ‘proper pickling material’, because I want to do it properly. Having said that, the Vietnamese pickled carrot isn’t generally pickled for too long and runs out fast.

But we are planning on doing Baos again this weekend. We tried it a couple of weekends ago and the pickled carrots were great, the crispy chicken worked, but the Bao buns we made was a disaster. I think it might have been the yeast or a bad recipe, not sure. But I am digressing.

I haven’t really done any pickles yet because I lack the proper equipment: I need jars that can be sealed (proper procedure) with the cooking equipment I have. I bought the 1 quart/litre jars and I just don’t have a pot high enough to be able to do any pickling with those jars.

I bought 1 pint (1/2 litre) jars and they should be coming by Friday. If that is the case, then we can pickle a lot of Vietnamese carrots as Experiment #1. I would probably make 3 pints of it, use up 1 or 2 and keep the third pint for some other time.

I would also use up a couple of the jars to make red onion pickle (yum!!) – that could be Experiment #2. I’m not a raw onion kind of guy, but I love pickled red onions. They make intense meat flavors taste fresh! Great on pulled beef tacos! As I make them, I will publish, don’t worry.

If we do make Baos, I will post the bun making it under breads (which may push another bread out a week) and the pickle making here.

Note: Featured image is not mine, but provided by my Pexels.

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