The Art of Bread

So this arrived today in the mail (it was scheduled for 14/05). I bought this book the first time, I still lived in Brazil. I made some of the breads in the book, like a pretzel, carta di musica, ciabatta (although I don’t remember how successful I was with it, because all I can remember is how wet the dough was) and Foccacia. It is the best focaccia recipe I have seen so far.

Even though the book does not give the baker’s proportion and provides mixed types of measurements (some will have the imperial as well as the metric measures, others will only have the imperial measurements), it is an easy to follow book. It has a lot of photos (at least one for each bread) and little side notes with the alternative yeast to use, and times required by the bread.

It’s no wonder I insist in buying it every time I want to make bread and see myself without it. Big thumbs up for Eric Treuille and Ursula Ferrigno.

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