New book, new plan

Because I’m just starting this out, I want to do it all. I want to try all the recipes (or most of them, anyway). But the other thing is: I need to go back and re-do my failed attempts to improve the results.

I had a few things lined up, as can be seen in my calendar on the right hand side. That list changes almost on a daily basis, it all depends on how I’m doing on the week, if I think I will do something and my mood.

So I have decided to list the things I want to make, in order. I will list 4 items of each (in no particular order) and try to make it fit in my next 4 weeks/weekends (most of May). When getting closer to concluding my work, I will plan for the next 4 weeks.


  • Baguette
  • Boule
  • Country loaf (Multigrain)
  • Pretzel


  • Vietnamese pickled carrots
  • Pickled cauliflower
  • Giardineira
  • Tomato/Napoli sauce

I will group by week/end as such to make it easier for me, generally trying to make everything fit in May.

Week 1 (27/04-03/05): Vietnamese pickled carrots, Baguette. – this will be a tough weekend as I will also make Bao (that’s why we are making the pickled carrots). I might be being a bit ambitious, but I can try!

Week 2 (04/05-10/05): Pickled cauliflower, Boule. – The cauliflower will be my practice for hte Giardineira. My Boule my practice for my Country loaf.

Week 3 (11/05-17/05): Napoli sauce, Pretzel. – Hopefully my current batch of Napoli sauce will have finished. I love pretzels.

Week 4 (18/05-24/05): Giardineira, Country loaf (multigrain). – Very sad to leave the Country loaf for so late in the game, but it is a natural progression. Same goes to the Giardineira, we have the pickled cauliflower to build up to it.

Week 5 (25/05-31/05): Planning too far ahead. Might remake something Bread Experiment #1 or 2, and might remake some other pickle (just not the Napoli sauce).

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