Analysis – Experiment #1

There really isn’t much analysis to be done on this experiment. Maybe I should write that we should not change the type of pickle: as with red onion pickle, keep this a raw pickle.

It tasted good and pickling it in the traditional western style didn’t have any significant adverse effect on it. Maybe the brine turned more orange than usual? Which means the carrots would have lost some color.

The taste was good: sour to the right level. At the Bao dinner, by husband did make a jar of his own with more sugar. As he said so himself: barely noticeable. Which means it made no difference.

One of the pints was finished on Saturday and we’re half way through the second jar.

I feel like the carrots that I use aren’t the best. The fact that they were already cut and stored in a bag, made them taste not as fresh as if it had been cut right before being put in the brine. I will start cutting/shredding them once we move into our new house.

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