Analysis – Experiment #3

In terms of taste, the baguette was spot on. However, there were a few things that made it not ‘feel like a baguette’.

The Smell

For many years in Brazil, I lived on top of a supermarket that had its own bakery inside. I would wake up to the smell of baguettes and rolls being baked every morning.

This baguette didn’t smell at all like what I would wake up to. Might be that their recipe had some other ingredient, such as butter, or it may be that it was glazed with something. It just didn’t have that great bread baking smell. (It smelled more like roasting/burning flour).

The Sight

The bread we used to get, was beautiful, with a thin hard crust that was delightful to break. It would be shiny and golden brown.

The bread that I pulled out of the oven, as you could see, was brown. Not GOLDEN brown, just brown. It was also not shiny, it looked more like it had a matte finish. I feel like it needed to be glazed, maybe with (olive) oil or maybe a melted butter glaze. Maybe the glazing would help the overall color to be more golden and less brown.

The slashed in the middle were not opened enough. Don’t know if that is a result of over-proofing or what the issue was. I am still trying to investigate the cause and how to fix it. Maybe it was punching the dough twice, maybe the recipe has a mistake that no one (from the publishing side) noticed, like telling people to punch the bread twice.

Also, apparently I did not shape the bread properly. Shaping a baguette is a documented step-by-step, which I failed to acknowledge prior to making the bread. Now I know (and will use it next time).

The bread didn’t look bad, it just didn’t look like what I have in my mind as a concept of a baguette or roll.

The Texture

The crust was almost right. Hard enough to hold the shape of the bread, but easy enough to break it. I still wanted the crunchiness from the bread back in Brazil.

Inside, the bread seemed a bit denser than what I had hopped or expected. Again, comparing to one or two baguettes from back in Brazil.

The Taste

The taste was spot on. Exactly what I hopped to taste when eating a baguette.

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