Highs and Lows

Yes, we are going to talk about temperature.

It’s been an unseasonably cold couple of weeks past and in spite of me having put the bread beside the heater (in the study), I feel the bread is not rising/proofing enough.

Some examples of such are: neither pizza or ficelles, the dough passed the water test; in the baguette on Sunday, after the second punch, the dough did not double in size again before I shaped and proofed it.

I have always known of the impact of temperature on the dough, but when I used to make bread in Brazil (Rio), the air temperature was seldom below 18°C – no need for a heater in the house.

This past two weeks I have made bread on days when the high of the day was 16°C, that’s 2°C below what is considered “freezing” is in Rio.

So I bought a thermometer for the air temperature in Amazon. We also have purchased portable heaters so that I can ensure the dough temperature around the bread will be fairly constant at 26°C (most, if not all, references use that magic number). That also means that me setting the heater to 25°C, I was actually not hitting the ideal temperature. As such, I am hoping that by the end of the week, I my new thermometer has arrived so I can try to make the recipes correctly.

P.S. I’m thinking of making the pretzel this weekend and the other breads the following weekends because I have not yet acquired proofing baskets (bannetons).

Note: the featured image does not belong to me, it was provided by Pexels.

Update: I found a thermometer at the same-ish price and local. I canceled my Amazon order for the thermometer and sourced it in a local shop.

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