Analysis – Experiment #4

The major difference between experiment #4 and the others is the fact that I had a heater dedicated to the bread. I put a thermometer close to the dough and the heater blowing in its general direction.

The other difference is that it had half of the dry yeast than the other recipes. To make up for it, I left it rising for twice as long.


I didn’t really like the color of the top crust, I looks very faded and more red-brown than golden brown. The bottom, however, has a beautiful golden-brown color. That makes me believe I need to put less flour on top and maybe something wet, like milk or an oil (like canola) to keep the humidity (and hopefully brown the proper way).

The texture of the crust is fantastic. I’m not sure if it was supposed to come out the way it did, but it reminded me of the crust of a bread I used to have in Brazil that I liked. I give the texture of the crust of the bread two thumbs up!


The crumb has a very good texture. I liked the texture better when it was nice and hot, but it still turned out great. I can’t wait to have the bread for breakfast tomorrow.

Final Word

Overall the bread is great, the best one I’ve done so far. Despite how the top crust looks like, the texture of both crust and crumb are great. I am proud of the bread I’ve made and how I have been evolving and learning with each of the breads I make.

Boule – Experiment #4 – Analysis

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