New addition to the family

It was a bit premature, but Cuoco came along.

When I visited the shop to buy a few things for home, I decided to take a look at the flours, because I’ve passed the 50% mark on the 5 kg Pizzeria bag and would need to start thinking about replenishing.

Today they had Manitoba Oro, which I really wanted to buy last time but they were out. They also had Cuoco, Pizzeria, Tipo 1 (which I’m very curious to see how it is) and the others. All in 5 kg bags.

So I ended up browsing at other parts and ran into the Classic (all-purpose flour) and the Cuoco in 1 kg bags!! I could not control myself and bought the Cuoco without realizing that it is for long fermentation (whatever that means) breads. I’m guessing might have to do with breads that have starters, such as sourdough or some poolish or biga. Anyway, I bought without taking the time to thoroughly read the label – an impulse buy.

So now here we have it, Cuoco, joining our baking family. I will keep my fingers crossed to find other 1 kg friends, such as their Tipo 1 flour (which is supposed to have a beautiful aroma and taste).

Caputo Cuoco – new addition to the family

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