Experiment #2 – Pickled Cauliflower

So I finally made the pickled cauliflower. It looks great, but it needs 1 week resting, so expect the analysis only next week. In the meantime, here are the steps.

5:00 pm – Trimmed and cut the cauliflower into florets. Washed the florets.

5:05 pm – Sterilized 2 1 quart jars (regular mouth).

5:10 pm – mixed the seeds together on a pan and put in low heat and stirred/shook until fragrant and the first mustard popped. While the seeds were heating up, I fitted the florets into the 2 jars.

5:15 pm – Put the water, vinegar and salt in a pan and heated the mixture until the salt fully dissolved. In parallel, I divided the seeds into the 2 jars, splitting it evenly.

5:20 pm – Divided the warm brine between the two jars leaving 1 cm of head space in each jar. Gave it a good knock against the counter for all air bubbles to rise to the top. Closed the jar with the lids, being careful not to close it too tightly.

5:23 pm – Put the two jars in the canning bath and turned the heat up. The stove is slow and took a while to heat up.

5:45 pm – The water started boiling, left it for 10 minutes.

5:55 pm – Removed the jars from the canning bath, hit the bottom against the bench top, tightened the lids and let them rest on top of a wooden board.

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