Analysis – Experiment #6

Alright, here we go:


Beautiful crunchy top crust. Bottom crust very soft, probably held the humidity in.

The top crust still looks a bit flawed. The slashed in the middle seemed to really had no effect on the crust (and expansion) of the bread. The oil did make it look darker than I expected. I’m not entirely happy with it, but not unhappy. I think the issues with the crust are a consequence of something else.


The bread just flattened out, no real structure. Even the Boule was more structured. Doing some research (looking at the Q&A of one of my books) it seems that I overproofed it.


Nothing major to say about the crumb (neither good nor bad).


The bread tastes great. I might have expected more intense flavor, but to go beyond what this bread is providing, might need to go into starter land. I’m really looking forward to making sourdough bread (maybe June).

Experiment #6 – Multigrain Country Loaf

All in all, it’s not a bad bread, just expected a bit more structure from it. When I was making it, the dough was sticky, but very stretchy and pliable. Between proofing and baking (and everything in between), I’m sure I made a misstep.

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