No Plans

Last week I was supposed to have planned the month of June for cooking/baking. I did as proposed, but did not publish it (don’t know why).

Even if I had published it, it would be a moot point, as everything changed and the plans have been voided. Yesterday we were informed that we will settle on 09/06. That is just after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

We are trying to talk to the developers to see if we can actually move in on 06/06 and take advantage of the long weekend to move and organize ourselves. If we move on 06/06 or the following weekend, I do not want the (mental) commitment to doing anything during that period; I will be focused in getting the house ready (or getting ready for the house). That doesn’t mean I won’t bake or pickle, just means that if I do it, I’ll wing it.

After I move in, I will start making cheeses again! How exciting.

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