Not Bread

Over the weekend I did not have the energy and time to make bread. I was doing to re-do the Multigrain Country Loaf and hope that I wouldn’t over-proof it.

But I had quite a busy weekend and lacked the energy for doing the bread when I did potentially have time.

This upcoming weekend is also a big weekend: I move to the new house on the Tuesday after Queen’s Birthday. With that, I will likely be packing most of my stuff, so I *might* try to make a bread on Saturday (I have errands on Saturday, so still need to see if I can make it fit).

So, yesterday I baked cookies. The best cookies in the world: Betty Crocker’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies. I remember baking them when I was a kid and never really finding a better recipe. By accident, I burned the page where the cookies were and was very sad.

Over the years, I have found similar recipes (would say almost as good). Lately, my husband wanted cookies (especially after he realized how good a cook I can actually be) and asked me to make cookies. Two weekends ago we tried the recipe on the packet of the Nestle chocolate drops, but that turned out horrible.

After that, the search for a decent chocolate chip cookie started and I ran into Betty Crocker’s recipe (thank you internet for existing). It is exactly the same recipe I burned 28 years ago by accident… even the optional walnuts. So last night I made the recipe and baked 2 batches.

Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


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