Brazilian fresh cheese

So, I’ve been wanting to go back to cheese making, but have been waiting for the restrictions to be eased up here in Melbourne. I have been waiting for the restrictions to be eased because a friend of mine has shown interest in making cheese with me. The desire to make the Brazilian fresh cheese (Fresh Minas cheese) is very much pushing me to want to start making cheese without my friend (which won’t mean we can’t continue doing it after the restrictions are lifted, right?).

I have recently found a cookbook that is a culinary journey throughout Brazil. This made me a bit nostalgic and now I really want to eat everything in the book as well as make the Brazilian fresh cheese.

I could have some of the cheese, it is quite easy to find a similar product in the market: Fresh Pecorino cheese. I have seen some that are almost identical to the cheese we eat back in Brazil… and some that I have seen are just too stiff.

I KNOW I have made the cheese here before, but this time, I will be using something formally documented (which may not be the correct documentation). Anyway, this week I will restock my cultures and rennets and as soon as they come in, I will be cheese making again!

Here is a photo of the cheese when I made it back then.

Experiment #7 – Fresh Minas Cheese
Experiment #7 – Fresh Minas Cheese

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