It’s coming – Experiment #10

Brazilian Fresh Cheese

Yesterday some of the ingredients arrived for me to make the Brazilian Fresh Cheese (or Minas Fresh Cheese, if you want to be specific).

With the move, and how long it had been since I made cheese, I decided it was best to purchase the milk additives to make sure if anything went wrong, that it was part of the process and recipe instead of having questions about the material/ingredients.

From Country Brewer (see Links and References page) I purchased Rennet (both regular and vegetarian), Calcium Chloride and Cheese Salt (even though I probably I still have some stored away).

I did buy a round hoop that makes 1.5 kg of cheese and I’m estimating that this will be the right size for the cheese. This cheese in Brazil is sold in medium sized discs, about 15cm in diameter. I am waiting for the hoops to arrive so I can make it. I will organize for it to be either on Saturday, probably not at 10am as “What’s next” is suggesting.

I might not be able to use most of my old equipment as my regular cheese making vat and my thermometers etc. are in a box stored somewhere in the garage. Unlikely I will be able to reach it by Saturday (my garage is a bit upside down at the moment and we just got a house guest – George the Blue Healer – who is sleeping there). I still have some of the equipment, such as the knife to cut the curds and the spoon to make the slow up and down movements, but the box with the materials are a bit out of reach for me.

Really looking forward to getting my cheese buds rolling again.

Note: I hold no rights over the photo in this post. I pulled it from a google search.

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