Pre-amble about Experiment #10

This is an expectation setting post. Tomorrow’s recipe isn’t like any other recipe I’ve made for cheese. I will try to put a lot of the staple cheese making procedures in place, but the recipe does go off the script a bit.

This cheese, in Brazil, would be the equivalent to cottage cheese: a simple to make cheese that a farmer without much resources would be able to do without issues.

The other thing is: I have not yet unpacked my cheese making equipment. It is still in a big box in the garage. As such, I will not have my little vat to keep the temperature more or less the same, I will not have a thermometer to measure precisely the temperature of the milk, or whey if required. I will not have my muslins and my cleaning material.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s endeavor will be a fruitful one.

Queijo Minas Frescal
Brazilian Fresh Cheese

Note: I hold no rights over the photo in this post. I pulled it from a google search.

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