Materials and Supplies

Here I will list the tools I use to cook and bake, as well as which stores I use to source my supplies.


Second Ave Grocer
62-76 Second Avenue
Altona North, VIC, 3025
Bread/Pizza Flour (Caputo), Dry Yeast


Cheese Making

  • Mad Millie Cheese vat and Incubator set (currently in storage)
  • Mad Millie Culture & Enzyme Measuring Spoons (currently in storage)


  • Ball Mason 1 quart jars
  • Ball Mason 1 pint jars (wide mouth)

Bread Making

  • Bench Scrapper
  • Lame

Note: I will organize to photograph my material as I have patience to do so (taking out all the photography studio and setting it up can take some time and requires a warm-ish day).