In the Breads section I will mostly post about, well, the breads I make. The process and the analysis of the results.

Each bread will have at least two posts, but more likely to have a third one as well. The expected two posts are the execution of the recipe and then the analysis of the result. The potential third post can be around sourcing difficult ingredients.

For information on what to expect on the analysis posts, go to the Bread Analysis standards page.

Latest Bread updates

Not Bread

Over the weekend I did not have the energy and time to make bread. I was doing to re-do the Multigrain Country Loaf and hope that I wouldn’t over-proof it. But I had quite a busy weekend and lacked the energy for doing the bread when I did potentially have time. This upcoming weekend is …

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No Plans

Last week I was supposed to have planned the month of June for cooking/baking. I did as proposed, but did not publish it (don’t know why). Even if I had published it, it would be a moot point, as everything changed and the plans have been voided. Yesterday we were informed that we will settle …

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