This section is about how I enjoy cheese making, and how it is an exercise of test and patience. I will mostly focus on fresh cheeses as I do not have a cheese aging chamber.

Each cheese will have at least two posts, but more likely to have a third one as well. The expected two posts are the execution of the recipe and then the analysis of the result. The potential third post can be around sourcing difficult ingredients.

For information on what to expect on the analysis posts, go to the Cheese Analysis standards page.

Latest Cheese updates

Cultures for cheeses

As you can see, I have re-started my cheese making. Horaay! This morning, at lunch time, I purchased my first cultures after the move to the new house. I bought 2 mesophilic cultures for cheese making: MM100 and MA11. I bought them today because I’m hoping to use the long weekend to make cottage cheese …

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Analysis – Experiment #10

Alright, here we go: Rind This cheese doesn’t really have a crust. It is the same cheese all through, at least the fresh version of the cheese. As the cheese matures, I would expect a yellow crust to start forming, intensifying the flavor. The cheese looks more or less as it should. Texture I made …

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